Monday, June 18, 2012

Camper awnings

Most camper awnings are manufactured to look aesthetically attractive and colorful, since it is used on joy trips in the wilderness. It is often said that the setting of the venue sets the mood of the visitors. So while people camping in the confines of natural surroundings make the most of being one with nature, when they dine and relax during the day, they do require some man made protection and shelter.

The camper awnings are generally made from canvas, since it is easy to carry. And most important of all, dismantling and assembling it is not too difficult. These are usually the smaller ones and are operated manually. 

As per requirements there are larger ones too for large camps or holiday resorts. The larger ones are mainly the automatic ones, yet they can be easily dismantled and assembled in a matter of minutes. Apart from the size there are two primary reasons why camper awnings are required:
  • To protect the interiors of the tent. Basically these awnings are fixed to the tents and provide shelter in case of rainfall as well as ad to the aesthetic of the tent
  • To function as a temporary shed of dining and cooking, as well as other activities. These awnings come with poles and can be set up to function as a temporary and much needed workshop for campers
Campers generally prefer manually functioned awnings since there are less chances of facing a problem. Sometimes due to unexpected circumstances an automated awnings may not function and it may not be possible to have it repaired there and then. Though it would rarely happen, yet most people prefer not to take any chances and so opt for the manual camper awnings.

Novelty toys

Until over a decade ago almost every child grew up playing the same games that were passed down through a number of generations. It was the same teddy bears, dolls, learning games, jigsaw puzzles, etc. In fact, there was minimal innovation in the area of toys. However, things began to change and all over the world one could witness a growth in the number and variety of toys being manufactured.

In spite of the children's market being almost saturated with toys, there still seems to be space for more novelty toys. This is because in today's world of technological advancements and innovation the process of creating something unique and new seems to be a never-ending process. This is more so attributed the media boom that has happened around the globe, which is exposing children to al that is happening around them. Take for example, an animated movie released in Hollywood, is released in other countries at almost the same time. And the characters are promoted by producing merchandise such as children's clothes, cutlery, school objects and toys.

In the last couple of years, preschool consultants and educationalists have been constantly researching into the play way method of learning for early childhood development. They have found that children learn better when they are taught through games and toys. In fact the concepts are learn in a way to lay down stronger foundations. This means that phonetics, numbers and recognition, world building and over all development is promoted by indulging children in games and toys.

The novelty toys manufactured include those for toddlers upwards. There are a large variety of teethers and rattlers and even the walkers are rather toy-like. The others include the mini-automobiles, bikes, planes, and varied wheeled animals. Then there are innovative educational toys and kids gym equipemts, as well as the soft toys that have gone beyond the brown teddy bear that most people grew up owning.

shop for promotions and novelties

Broadly speaking, there are two types of novelty stores:
  • The specialized novelty stores that deal in one or two types of novelty products. Take for example and electronics store that deals with only innovative electronic products. Or novelty gift store that specializes in selling only gift articles such as soft toys, showpieces, wall clocks, greeting cards and other common gift items
  • The general novelty stores stock up all kinds of novelty products that include clothes, telephones, electronic gadgets, cutlery, household appliances, lights, etc. They function as novelty departmental stores.
Irrespective of the kind of novelty store, the fact is that all products stocked are original, innovative and the latest in terms of trends and fashions. These products may not have long life span in terms of its trend or fashion life, but do otherwise come with a minimum warrantee and guarantee. Especially in the case of electronic gadgets.

Today novelty stores are regarded as a prosperous business venture, as the products sold are in demand and the price in comparison to other products is less. This implies sales, irrespective of the items or number of items placed. However, the most important thing is to be aware of what is presently in demand. Some retailers wait to off load everything in their store before bringing in new stock and in the bargain they miss out on making hot sales when the product's demand is maximum.

When setting up novelty stores, one should be completely aware of the products they are stoking up. They must know how the product functions and should be able to explain anything that their customer needs to know. The retailer should also not attempt to go overboard in pricing just because there is a demand for the products, as another novelty storeowner could sell the same product cheaper and still earn reasonable profits. The main thing is that the novelty storeowner should be buyer customer-friendly.

Undoubtedly, branded items are preferred over novelties, and more so over wholesale novelties. This is because as far as branded manufacturers concerned, they are more quality and longer lifespan conscious, and one has to pay a heftier price. In the case of the latter, something new is created all the time and you can replace the old with new without feeling a pinch as such. For instance, if you are a person interested in the latest gadgets and gizmos, then surely you would like to upgrade them as and when something new appears in the market.

Well so to speak the electronic novelty manufacturers do produce gadgets and gizmos in keeping with times, but their components may not be of the same quality as the original devices.
This brings down the price. They do come with a minimum warrantee and guarantee period that is less than he original brands. But for a person whose hobby is to constantly upgrade his or her gadgets, electronic novelties is a preferred option.

If you are a dealer then you can avail wholesale novelties from the various markets. Most cities have separate markets for each novelty item. From there a retailer or trader can make his purchases and mark up the price in his shop accordingly. Wholesale novelties have no fixed prices and one can bargain in such markets.

Novelty phones

Are you doing up your home, office or any other commercial premise? Then why not opt for something unique and different as far as the most essential communication system of every household or commercial premise is concerned. What is this? The telephone though which one is in touch with the outside world on a personal or rather one-to-one level. 

Most people wonder why they should select a novelty phone rather than the age-old ones that are ordinary and, as believed easy to maintain. The reason for this is simple, the innovative phone designs add to the aesthetics of the interiors. So to speak, they go beyond their basic usage and work on a double duty of being decorative pieces.

One could decorate their homes with a variety of novelty phones under one roof. How is this possible? Well, almost every household has a drawing room and maybe one or two bedrooms. In the drawing room is placed the common telephone instrument, but then for the convenience of others in the family, you could have an instrument in each room. For instance, the children's room can have an instrument in the shape of a Mickey mouse, Donald duck, football, cricket bat, etc. Basically, the instrument could represent the varied objects and toys enjoyed by children. In the master bedroom you could place something decorative and delicate. Maybe something antique would fit well.

There are also a variety of novelty phones for commercial premises such as the office, restaurant, hotel, boutique, general store, etc. These telephone instruments maybe used for external communication or then internal office networking or intercom service. While, most commercial set-ups prefer serious and sophisticated instruments, there is a wide selection to choose from. However, no matter what shape or color, push-button phones are a general preference in commercial organizations of all kinds.

promotional Novelty lights

Mankind and lighting have come a long way from man's dependence on the sun, moon and stars to light up his life, to the fire and lanterns, to the invention of electricity, to the variety of novelty lights available today. It seems amazing how far humanity has traveled. In fact, there has been so much progress in the last decade that what was used in the early nineties of the last century seems archaic already. 

Novelty lights are not just those that are new and innovative in design and pattern, but also recreations of the past. This particularly includes the fancy chandeliers that adorned the homes of the royalty of eras gone by. The difference between these interior adornments of then and now, is that now, they have electric light bulbs. 

Earlier with a limited variety, most people used to purchase a common light or lampshade pattern to decorate the entire house. In fact most people used to first purchase their lights and in accordance have their homes or other premises done up. However, it is different now as one can easily avail of any type of light to suit their décor, because of the limitless variety, with additional designs and patterns entering the market almost everyday.

One can decorate their home with a variety of novelty lights for each room; and to serve various purposes. For instance, in the children's room you could put up three different types of light, each one being used for a specific reason. A light can be placed on the study table; another next to the bed so that your child can read before sleeping without having to get up to switch off the light; the ceiling light for general usage. And each one comes in varied shapes and designs.

The innovative lights are easy to maintain. They just need to be kept clean so that accumulated dust particles are not a part of the light. The main aspect is changing the bulb or tube light as and when the fuse gives up. For this, it is advised to select a light whereby it is not difficult to change the bulb or tube light.

unique promotional items

Instead of opting for the ordinary, simple and all that has been passed down the ages, why not select novel items to do up your home. In fact instead of completely renovating your home or office décor, you could just replace the cutlery and other household appliances and accessories with the latest and innovative that is available.

In fact, novelty items are generally cheaper than the antique or old-fashioned objects that seem to have come from the pre-historic times. You could probably change the kitchen appliances for the latest that has more add-ons than the ones lying at home. Like the latest in mixer grinders have additional facilities such as the juicer, mincer, cutter and chopper, blender, etc. even the cutlery available has so much more color. They are a vibrant option as against the plain colored ceramic ones that most households use.

Apart from re-doing your home or office, there is a wide range of novelty items to select from when purchasing a gift for somebody. It is not that there are more objects being manufactured, it is just that a wider variety of each object is being created. Each one is innovative, unique and a modified version of the original. For example, it would sound like a strange idea to give someone a telephone in the days gone by. But this is not the case considering the kinds of shapes available. They are fancy and attractive and appreciated.

Apart from items, even the way they are packaged is in attractive ways. Like the candle stands, sewing kits, hair clip sets, cosmetic sets, etc. Even chocolates and biscuits and other foodstuff are packed in attractive cartons that can be given away without wrapping them up. 

Novelty t-shirts

So, from the Greek and Roman and Indian drapes, today we have moved onto simplistic clothes in the popular jeans and t shirt. In fact, though the basic concept of the t shirt remains constant, the patterns and designs never cease to be innovative. Whenever one is out shopping for new clothes, it is not too difficult to come across novelty tshirts. 

Apart from adding some more to your collection, these are considered as ideal gifts. This is more so because of the variety. And after all the more clothes you have, the more to choose from and the lesser times you repeat them. Yes, everyone likes to look good and feel good. When it comes to clothes they prefer to repeat what they wear as rarely as possible. And this is possible if one is into mainly wearing t shirts with their jeans or skirts. 

Novelty t shirts are created and designed on a regular basis, in keeping with all that is happening currently. For instance, in the USA, during the presidential elections, various t shirt designers created patterns on the theme of elections. Some carried popular political slogans; caricatures of the candidates, etc. another is example is that of soft drink companies that come out with promotional activities. They give out freebies, which is usually in the form of t shirts carrying prints of the event, or film; or whatever activity they are promoting.

how to buy unique Novelty gifts - novelty hats

You need to purchase a gift for someone special and you have already given them a garment, perfume, pen, book, photo frame, purse, wallet; almost every gift that people generally gives each other. Then in that case why not get something out of the ordinary and yet of much importance and commonly used. The blend may seem like a next to impossible one, but is not actually so when it comes to selecting from the novelty gifts. 

Primarily when selecting novelty gifts you should know what is it the person requires. For instance, your friend may need a new alarm clock. Yes, previously people would avoid purchasing one, as a gift since those available were ordinary and just did not look like gifts. But now with the variety available, you could get one with various additional amenities and in a variety of shapes and sizes that the receiver would appreciate most. For example, if your friend is a cricket fan, you could get him or her a clock with a portrait of their favorite cricketer, or the alarm clock could be in the shape of the cricket ball or bat.

Apart from essential objects such as clocks, telephones, lights, clothes, pen stands, etc., you could also pick up memorabilia or collectibles. These would include objects that enhance one's hobby further. For instance, if someone is into coin collecting, you could purchase a collection of coins or a book on coin collections. Or if someone collects movies, you could get them a pouch or cabinet for them to place their dvds or vcds.

In fact presenting something on a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion is an opportunity for one to give the recipient what they require. Many people generally do not purchase what they require or want most postponing it for sometime in the future. And before they know it they have forgotten about it. So ideally, keep track of what your loved one wants and has not purchased, and surely a novel variety of it would be available. 

Novelty hats

Come summer, monsoon or winter, the head can and in fact should be covered irrespective. The main purpose of the hat is to protect the hair and head from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and the pollution. So, the hat has been worn through the ages to protect one. But then what is essential and worn almost daily has to be available in a variety. So from just an essential, it became a fashion. In fact in almost every part of the world one will see that the hats differ in accordance to the climatic conditions and cultural demands of the place. 

Novelty hats include the age-old fashions as well as the latest trendy ones. There are some hat types of patterns that have traveled through the ages, the main changes being probably in colors and textures of the material or fabric used. 

The following is a list of novelty hats that are worn by varied people across the globe. So, whether you are looking for a makeover or something for a fancy dress ball, here is what you can select from in general:
  • Ferroniere was a headgear with a jewel in the center and a chain or ribbon tied at the back.
  • Fillet is a headband worn to hold the hair in place, especially while traveling.
  • Beehive was a hat that was long and tapered into a shape that resembles the beehive. Some of them even had a narrow brim.
  • Automobile bonnet is a hat with a large brim, which is worn with a long scarf that covers the face and is tied under the chin.
  • Babushka is a Russian hat that is actually a triangular scarf worn on the head and tied under the chin.
  • Barret is a flat cap that was commonly worn by priests of the eras gone by.
  • Baseball as the term suggests is a kind of a helmet worn by baseball payers.
  • Capulet is a small cap worn on the back of the head.
  • Arctic Cap is the woolen cap with that protect the neck, ears and forehead
  • Beret is a cap worn even today. It is made from either felt or wool. It is flat and has a brim of varying widths. The brim would either be worn in the center or on the sides.
  • Chignon cap is a small cap that is worn on the bun tied by women.
  • Boater is a straw hat that has a flat crown and band of made of satin ribbon.
  • Bowler was manufactured, in 1850 by William Bowler, to protect one's head while horse riding.
  • Breton sailor is a hat worn by women. The entire brim of this hat is evenly folded upwards.
  • Claft was the archaic Egyptian headdress.
  • Headrail is a woman's headgear that is wrapped over the head and draped around the neck covering the shoulders.
  • Cowboy hat as the term suggests is the felt hats with a large brim that were worn by the cowboys. The brims of this hat were folded in varied fashions. They also had a string fastened to the hat and tie below the chin t\so that is would not fall off while horse riding

Novelty promotional products

The word novelty means innovation, uniqueness, newness, freshness and originality. In today's world of high speed and technological progression, human life is gifted something novel and unique almost everyday. This is not limited to just products, but services too.

Why has everyone stepped onto the novelty bandwagon? This is because of competition. Yes, the fact is that everyone is competing to survive. Manufacturers are competing with each other to increase sales and so almost every manufacturer of any scale has an in-house research and development department to create something new for the consumers. The retailers are constantly attempting to provide creative and consumer-attracting schemes. And every consumer is out there purchasing all the novelty available to appear trendier than their neighbour.

In the present day fast track existence, apart from competition, boredom plays a major role in needing something innovative. Yes, people seem to get bored easily and are constantly on the look out for something new. Look at fashion trends for instance. Fashion designers across the globe used to create two lines a year, being the summer and winter collection; but off late trends seem to be changing almost every three months. 

Something new is constantly entering the market to prove one-up on the competitors. Surely, one will not be too wrong in terming this era as the era of novelty or innovation. Every industry, every sector and every strata of society is aware of all that is new. It does not take much time to discard the old and bring in a fresh and original replacement. Like people commonly believe, 'change and innovation are the only constant happenings in life today'.

Novelty buttons

Whether you actually need a button for your attire or not, novelty buttons can be used. How is this possible? It is not necessary that buttons only need to be used to fasten clothes. In fact, they can be just used as decorative pieces on the attire. And not all of them actually look like buttons.

Novelty buttons are made from various materials. There are a variety of buttons specially manufactured for children. These are generally made from plastic and are in the shape of various famous cartoon characters; fruits; vegetables; animals; birds; insects and other objects. They in fact make the child's attire look attractive and colorful.

For the youth, these are a wide range of funky and trendy buttons made of sequences and beads and other glittering and shimmering material that are eye-catching. In fact, the novelty buttons that are constantly being designed and sold are available in almost every pattern that one could imagine. One could actually make a simple and plain outfit look fancy and rich with the right kind of buttons. And this is not only in the case of women's fashion, but men's fashion too.

Novelty clocks

Whether it is a public place or private premises, a clock is an essential equipment that is commonly placed in a way that it is easily noticed. One will see a clock placed in the courthouses, museums, railway stations, bus depots, public libraries, government offices, the parliament, and all other public or government owned venues. In fact in such public places a lot of care is taken as far as time-keeping is concerned, because in such places everything functions in accordance to the needles of the clock. 

In fact, a part from public places such as these, one will see that a clock is an essential accessory in every household, office and commercial premises. People may forget to wear their wristwatch, but they know that wherever they go they will come across a clock hanging somewhere or the other. No doubt that clocks is an essential commodity, but that does not imply that one sticks to the old and ordinary. In fact there are innumerable novelty clocks available that sometimes makes it difficult to select. 

The novelty clocks include the old-fashioned or antique ones such as the cuckoo clock and the grandfather's clock; the modern ones in various designs and patter such as that of animal, birds, insects, cartoon figures, flowers, etc. Basically, the dials of the clock are the way they have been since time immemorial, with the actual difference being in the shape of the needles and the way the numbers are printed. They also maybe painted or printed in different designs. Apart from the clock dials with needles, there are the digital ones.

Novelty clocks have provided an additional option when out purchasing a gift. It could be presented as a birthday, anniversary or house-warming gift. You could also present one to somebody who is setting up a new business venture or a new establishment. Apart from that clocks can also be given away a corporate gifts with the company logo and in a shape that resemble the company's product. For instance, an automobile company can give out clocks in the shape of the car model they are selling, or have it painted in the background of the clock's dial.

Golf novelties

Golf novelties

For those who play golf as a hobby or as a serious sport, they are always on the look out for objects that remind them of their passion. These maybe actually used on the golf course or placed as decorative pieces on their shelves. Some people go a step further and purchase golf video games and board games. Some people even invest in golf memorabilia.

Golf novelties in general include all objects that resemble this game, one way or the other. Some people are particular about their equipment and are always on the look out for new golf clubs that are launched in the market. While there are the serious ones, some people opt for something fancy in terms of the handle. Children being introduce to the game usually select golf clubs with fancy handles such as that with a plastic molding of their favorite character. 

Apart from the clubs, there are a variety of golf balls. No doubt, the white is required for the serious games, but then one can also opt for the black and white ones or those signed by world-renowned golfers. Golf novelties also include the sportswear. Usually golfers wear pastel colored elastic trousers or track pants with a t shirt made from a light material with a color. 

As mentioned above in the realm of golf novelties are golf video and board games. Some of them can be played individually, or with two and more people. There are telephones in the shape of the golf ball or clocks based on the theme of this sport. 

There are some people who do stick to buying the models of objects that are old fashioned and more or less redundant, but that is probably because they are averse to change and innovation. And other factor is that they doubt the quality of novelty goods because of the price range. However, the fact is that all novelty goods are manufactured by reputed companies and most of them come with a guarantee or warrantee card, especially the electronic goods. Yes, it is better to do some market survey so that you are assured that you are purchasing goods from a genuine trader.

In fact if you need to present a gift to someone who is a golf fan, you could select an object that represents this sport such as a paperweight or pen stand or even a calendar if the New Year is just around the corner. A bigger surprise would be a golf case that could have been autographed by a famous golfer.