Monday, June 18, 2012

Novelty toys

Until over a decade ago almost every child grew up playing the same games that were passed down through a number of generations. It was the same teddy bears, dolls, learning games, jigsaw puzzles, etc. In fact, there was minimal innovation in the area of toys. However, things began to change and all over the world one could witness a growth in the number and variety of toys being manufactured.

In spite of the children's market being almost saturated with toys, there still seems to be space for more novelty toys. This is because in today's world of technological advancements and innovation the process of creating something unique and new seems to be a never-ending process. This is more so attributed the media boom that has happened around the globe, which is exposing children to al that is happening around them. Take for example, an animated movie released in Hollywood, is released in other countries at almost the same time. And the characters are promoted by producing merchandise such as children's clothes, cutlery, school objects and toys.

In the last couple of years, preschool consultants and educationalists have been constantly researching into the play way method of learning for early childhood development. They have found that children learn better when they are taught through games and toys. In fact the concepts are learn in a way to lay down stronger foundations. This means that phonetics, numbers and recognition, world building and over all development is promoted by indulging children in games and toys.

The novelty toys manufactured include those for toddlers upwards. There are a large variety of teethers and rattlers and even the walkers are rather toy-like. The others include the mini-automobiles, bikes, planes, and varied wheeled animals. Then there are innovative educational toys and kids gym equipemts, as well as the soft toys that have gone beyond the brown teddy bear that most people grew up owning.

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