Monday, June 18, 2012

Camper awnings

Most camper awnings are manufactured to look aesthetically attractive and colorful, since it is used on joy trips in the wilderness. It is often said that the setting of the venue sets the mood of the visitors. So while people camping in the confines of natural surroundings make the most of being one with nature, when they dine and relax during the day, they do require some man made protection and shelter.

The camper awnings are generally made from canvas, since it is easy to carry. And most important of all, dismantling and assembling it is not too difficult. These are usually the smaller ones and are operated manually. 

As per requirements there are larger ones too for large camps or holiday resorts. The larger ones are mainly the automatic ones, yet they can be easily dismantled and assembled in a matter of minutes. Apart from the size there are two primary reasons why camper awnings are required:
  • To protect the interiors of the tent. Basically these awnings are fixed to the tents and provide shelter in case of rainfall as well as ad to the aesthetic of the tent
  • To function as a temporary shed of dining and cooking, as well as other activities. These awnings come with poles and can be set up to function as a temporary and much needed workshop for campers
Campers generally prefer manually functioned awnings since there are less chances of facing a problem. Sometimes due to unexpected circumstances an automated awnings may not function and it may not be possible to have it repaired there and then. Though it would rarely happen, yet most people prefer not to take any chances and so opt for the manual camper awnings.

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