Wednesday, August 6, 2014

origami boxes

Origami is an age old art evolved in Japan. Learning the art of preparing origami boxes will definitely give you a sense of conceit and triumph.

Any local hobby or art store carries the desired colors of origami paper that are required to create your own origami boxes. You can even use regular newspaper but it is always advised to use origami paper because that is easy to fold and cut into right shape.
When making an origami box, you need the desired color origami paper, a pair of scissor and ruler. Here we have described step wise instructions for creating origami boxes.
1. Cut a square piece of paper.

2. Fold the square piece diagonally into a triangle.

3. Unfold the paper and make sure that the crease is visible.

4. Fold the first corner to the center creased line and unfold it.

5. Repeat the same with the other corner.

6. Hold the tip of one corner and fold it to the creased line caused by folding the corners.

7. Unfold the flap and repeat with the other flap.

8. Fold the edge of two corners to the first creased line and unfold.

9. Make sure that you can see 7 creased line on an open square piece of origami paper.

10. Repeat all the steps of folding and unfolding the corners, edges and flaps to form a checkerboard on the piece of paper.

11. From the two ends of the paper, cut the sides of opposite sides by two folds.

12. Turn the direction of paper and fold the uncut sides inwards till it reaches the cut ends of the paper.

13. Repeat the same from both ends.

14. Fold the side of the walls inwards on the turned pieces and hold it securely.

15. Repeat the same from all edges to make four walls of the box.

16. Hold the cut flaps and fold it inwards over the side walls. Make sure that these flaps fall within the box.

17. If you want to have a lid, repeat all the steps starting from a square piece of paper with the paper slightly bigger than the base box.

18. This will help the lid to comfortably fit the box.

Here your origami box is completely ready to store and gift.

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