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Potpourri is simply defined as a blend of aromatic and dried plant material. This has become one of the most popular dried arrangements these days. The trend of spreading natural scents in houses and offices using potpourri started in France. During the early times, people there used to display rotten pods or jars with fragrant mixture of dried spices and herbs. Even the word ‘potpourri’ comes from a French word that means rotten pod.

 Eventually, the trend passed on from city to city, country to country and now has spread across the globe. Today, in many houses you will find various different types of potpourri containing various dried herbs and spices. These are commonly used as air freshener, mothballs and as simple arrangements. Some even decorate these aromatic herbs in ashtrays and soft toys fillings.

 Potpourri can add extra charm, elegance and fragrance in any interior. Various different scents and oils are used for spraying on the mixture of dried plant materials. The most familiar scent is the flower scent that is simply sprayed on the mixture whereas essential oils like those extracted from rose, lavender or violet has to be mixed well in the potpourri arrangement. The best flower scents that are used for potpourri arrangement are rose, carnations, violet and lavender. Spices and citrus scents like thyme, nutmeg, lemon, cinnamon and rosemary can also be used.

 Fixatives are mainly used for making elegant and charming potpourri because these help in absorbing moisture and retain the aroma and color of the natural flowers. Common fixatives used are oak moss, fiber fix, cellulose and benzoin. After that you need fillers if you need to add bulk to the arrangement especially in case of pillows.

 Originally, potpourri was preserved in closed ceramic jars. These jars were kept opened when people used the place and were closed when they move out. But now, potpourris are beautifully displayed in glass containers, decorative baskets and silver dishes. There are endless ways to arrange dried flower to prepare the most attractive potpourri. The only thing you need is wild imagination and creativity.
The dried flowers and dried arrangements needs to be taken special care of or else the beauty and appeal of the flowers will fade off. These dried flowers are very delicate and can be preserved using several methods or techniques.

 The very first thing that needs to be kept away from dried flowers is moisture. Exposure to excess moisture can result in rotten flowers and can even develop molds. Therefore, they should always be stored or preserved in low humid and low moisture location. Most of the florist keep the dried flowers sealed using an aerosol sealer. This helps to retain the original color of the flowers. Dried flowers can also be wrapped in newspaper in order to absorb moisture. The wrapped flowers should be then placed in a box with plenty of room for air circulation. A good space in the box will also avoid crushing and falling of dried petals.

 Other important consideration while preserving dried flowers is given to light. Direct exposure to sunlight can easily fade the vibrant colors of natural flowers. In order to retain the originality, it is necessary to preserve these dried flowers in closed cardboard box. A clear plastic container is not feasible because light can easily pass through it.

 After protecting your dried flowers from moisture, humidity and light, keep them dust free using a blow dryer on a heatless setting or canned air. If molds or bugs are found on any piece of the dried arrangement, it is advisable to remove the piece immediately in order to avoid spreading of the problem. If in case any time, the petals or flowers become wet, place them under good amount of air circulation to re dry.

 Preserving dried flowers can help in extending the life and retaining the original beauty of dried arrangements like bouquet, wreaths, sachets and centerpieces. 

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